OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Display Template

Used to draw the template in the drawing file according to your specifications.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Corridors > Create > Template split button

The Display Template command draws the template in the drawing file according to your specifications. All non-end condition components and any end condition components you select from the dialog box are drawn according to the vertical exaggeration setting.

Vertical Exaggeration

specifies the amount of exaggeration applied to vertical values in the display.

Use Alternate Slope If Slope Exceeds

indicates, when selected, that the alternate slope is used when the component slope exceeds the specified value.

Display Controls



specifies component precision.


specifies the precision and format of the component slope

Alternate Slope

specifies the precision and format of the alternate slope.

Define End Conditions

specifies, when an end condition exists in the template, which end conditions to display by left-clicking on the desired end condition in the preview window. An end condition may also be removed from the drawing by a second left-click.


identifies the display options and symbology for the component title, dimension line, dimension text, component label, leader line, and point names.

If Title is selected, a title is placed in the center top portion of the drawing with the specified title text symbology. If Dimension Line is selected, a dimension line is placed below the title that indicates each point of the top-most, non-end condition component. If Dimension Text is selected, the distance between each point along the dimension line is placed, as well as slopes along the top-most components, including end-conditions. The widths and slopes consider the precision and format indicated, as well as if an alternate slope format or precision should be used if a slope exceeds the specified value. The Component Labels and Leader Lines settings are only acknowledged when the template contains closed components. In this case, the description of the component is placed below each closed component with a leader line pointing to the component. These labels are similar to the Drafting > Place Note command labels and can be repositioned using the Move Note command. When Point Name is selected, point names in the template are displayed.


activates the settings and plots the template accordingly in the design file.