OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Place Named Boundary Civil Cross Section 2 Points


  1. Access or reference your geometry, terrain and corridor along with other desired files.
  2. Enable both a 2D and a 3D view.
  3. Graphically ID the horizontal geometry in the 2D view.
  4. Select the Drawing Seed.
  5. Modify other fields and toggles as needed.
  6. Enable the Create Drawing toggle.
  7. Graphically ID a line by placing 2 data points (one on either side of the baseline).
  8. Data point in the 2D view to Accept.
  9. Select OK on the Create Drawing dialog.
Drawing Seed Specifies the drawing seed that sets default values for all of the values on the dialog except the start and stop locations. Also contains definitions for what seed files are used to create the cross sections drawing and seed models including how the drawings are positioned on the sheets.
Group Selects the named boundary group. You can also create a new group by selecting New from the drop-down.
Note: MicroStation models cannot contain the following characters in the name or group: \\/:*?<>|\"\t\n&=,'
Name Enter name of the new group.
Description Enter brief description for the new group.
Vertical Exaggeration Specifies the vertical exaggeration for displayed cross sections. Values greater than 1.0 for this parameter increase the exaggeration.
Top Clearance Enables the top clearance to enter a value.
Bottom Clearance Enables the bottom clearance to enter a value.
Elevation Datum Spacing When a profile is shifted, the starting elevation will always be a multiple of this this value.
Create Drawing Opens the Create Drawing dialog after creating the named boundary to create a saved view from the selected named boundary and automate dynamic views.
Show Dialog When enabled, a dialog with additional parameters set by the Drawing Seed is shown.