OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Terrain Models and Element Templates

Terrain Models and Element Templates

Terrain Model tools import and label terrain contours and spots on terrain models. Import a terrain model into a DGN to use its data. Terrain models imported from the LandXML file format are supported.

A terrain model is recognized as a MicroStation element type. When you select a terrain model, the Element Selection tool Element Type tab indicates that it is a Terrain element type.

The display of terrain model properties can be controlled by using an element template. Once you have created an element template with the properties that you need, you can apply it to any terrain model.

To Apply an Element Template to a Terrain Model

  1. Use the Element Selection tool to select the terrain model.

  2. In the Primary Tools toolbox, select the Element Information tool.

    The Element Information dialog opens.

  3. On the General tab click the arrow to the right of the Template property and select an element template.

    The properties of the selected element template are applied to the terrain model.