OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Civil Analysis

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Analyze Point

Reports information about a user-specified point location in a TM (elevation, slope, contour, slope direction).

Inverse Points

Computes and displays the distance and direction between each pair of specified points.

Analyze Volume

Calculates volume between 2 TMs or a TM and plane (elevation). Capable of processing in an area (fence) or multiple areas and computing the volumes over a range of elevations. Cut and fill factors are also options.

Analyze Between Points

Reports information between 2 point locations on a TM (elevation difference, length and slope).

Analyze Trace Slope

Traces along a surface either following a user-specified slope value or the steepest slope. Can trace upstream or downstream.

Analyze Pond

Analyzes terrain model for ponds (low point) located via a data point location on a TM (volume, area max depth).

Element Component Quantities

Reporting tool that reports single or multiple Civil Cells and or Corridors to create component quantity summary.

3D Drive Through

Produces a quick drive through visualization along an alignment.