OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

3D Drive Through

Used to view 3D models in a more realistic visualization.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Corridors > Review
  • Ribbon: Home > Model Analysis and Reporting > Civil Analysis split button

The 3D Drive Through tool gives the user the capability of viewing 3D models in a more realistic visualization. Utilizing a basic dialog, the user can move through the model from the viewpoint of a driver, panning from side to side at each stop. The visualization can also be published to a MicroStation camera script file, where it can be used with the Animation Producer tool.

Best Practice

The tool follows a 3D element as its path, NOT the 3D models. You may want to have two views open; one 2D and one 3D. The 3D view can be used for the drive through, while the 2D view can be used for element selection of the centerline or cross slope rotation. The 2D element must have an active profile in order for the command to follow a 3D path. If a 2D element or 3D element with 0 elevation is accidentally selected as the centerline, the 3D models may not be visible due to the elevation difference between the centerline and the models. The 3D view is not restored after using the tool. Therefore, you may want to open another 3D view so you do not lose any settings in your current views.