OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

To Create a New Field Book

  1. Right-click the Field Books branch of the Survey tab then click New on the menu.

    Note: To change the name of a field book, select the field book on the Survey tab then open the Element List tab of the Show Details. Select the field book name in the Name cell of the Show Details, delete the existing text, enter the new name, and strike the Enter key. The new name will appear on both the Survey tab and the Name cell of the Show Details element list.

  2. Add Control Points.

    If control points are contained in a standard CTL file, drag and drop the file onto the Survey tab. This will add the control points to the project.

  3. (Optional) Alternatively, CTL files (or any file type) can be added by right-clicking on the Field Book branch in the Survey tab. Click Load on the menu and choose File from the submenu. Navigate to the desired CTL file then double-click it.