OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Check Point Connectivity

Use this dialog to verify and merge points that are within a specified tolerance.


specifies the tolerance value. If the distance between two points is within the tolerance, they are then processed using the Merge Points command.


accepts the tolerance and applies the command. For every set of points that are found within the specified tolerance of each other, the screen is scrolled so that the points are visible. The delete point dialog is placed below the point, and you are given the opportunity to identify the point to delete. Press the Esc button at this time to skip the merge of these two points, and move to the next set of points to be processed, if desired. When you select a point to be deleted all corresponding children of the point become children of the point that is retained.

If no points are found that are within the specified tolerance of each other, the following message box is displayed: No two points found honoring tolerance.