OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Calculate Superelevation

Computes the station and cross slopes of transitions.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Corridors > Superelevation > Calculate split button

There are two methods to define superelevation rates and transition lengths: by calculating the data in the software or by importing the data. Generally, one method is selected, however, you can use a mixture of calculations for part of the project and import other parts if you choose.

The Calculate Superelevation tool is used to calculate cross slopes at key stations that define transitions along a superelevation lane. The cross slopes and transition lengths are calculated using rules, tables, and settings defined in an Superelevation Rule file.

The result of the calculated superelevation are added to the superelevation lanes created previously. It's easy to see the results if the fill view attribute is toggled on as the lanes change from solid yellow and green to a gradient coloring, based on cross slopes.

When a superelevation lane is selected, Text Manipulators appear that can be used to directly edit the station and cross slopes. The following images shows the same section of road with the superelevation lane unselected (top) and selected (bottom) with the Text Manipulators at each transition station. These stations and cross slopes can also be edited in the Superelevation Editor and in a Superelevation view as discussed in other sections.


1. Select the Calculate Superelevation tool.

2. Follow the heads-up prompts:


User Action

Locate First Superelevation Section

Select the first section. In lieu of selecting each section individually, drag your cursor diagonally across all desired sections. Your diagonal defines a square wherein the entire section must be encompassed in order to be included.

Locate Next Superelevation Section or Reset to Complete

Continue selecting sections until all are highlighted, then reset to move to the next prompt.

Rules File Name

Select the XML-formatted rules file containing the superelevation standards/parameters. Use <ALT> <DOWN> to open the File Manager to select directory/ file. Data prompt to accept and move to the next prompt.

Note: The prompts below and their options may vary based on the options within the rules file.




The available e and length Selection fields are filled in according to the rules file.

Design Speed

Design Speed is to be used either in the tables or equations for e and length computations.

Pivot Method

Valid values here are: Crown, Inside Edge, Outside Edge, Left Edge, Right Edge, Divided Inside, and Centerline. If Divided Inside is used on an undivided roadway, if will be the same as using Crown. If an invalid value is entered, Crown will be the default. Centerline always uses the base alignment radius to calculate eRate. All other methods use the radius +/- the offset of the pivot to calculate eRate.

Open Editor

When calculations are complete and lanes updated, the superelevation editor is opened and populated with the new calculated lanes.