OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Vertical Geometry Complex

Creating and redefining complex vertical alignments, Best Fit, Offset tools (copy parallel) reverse transitions.

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Profile Complex By Elements

Constructs a complex profile element from previously placed elements.

Profile Complex By VPI

Constructs a profile complex defined by vertical points of intersection (VPI).

Define Profiles By Best Fit

Construct a profile complex defined by best fitting through a selected profile.

Profile Insert Curve

Inserts a vertical curve into a profile element.

Append Profile Element

Appends additional elements to a previously established complex element.

Profile Reverse Transition

Constructs reverse curves between previously drawn elements with an optional tangent length between the two curves.

Profile Offset Transition

Constructs profile elements at an offset from a base element. The base element may be a line, arc, spiral, or complex.