OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Profile Complex by VPI

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You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Geometry > Vertical > Complex Geometry split button

Use the Profile Complex by VPI tool to construct a profile complex defined by vertical points of intersection (VPI).

  1. Select the Profile Complex by VPI icon.

    Note: If your View isn't in Profile mode, an error message will indicate that you need to Open Profile Model.
    • The Place Profile Complex by VPI dialog opens.
    • Checking the box next to any of the fields locks in the associated value.

  2. When you move the cursor into the Profile View, it is equipped with a command prompt requesting that you "Enter First PI". Place the cursor over the initial point of intersection by data pointing (left-clicking) at the desired location.
  3. When prompted to "Enter Next VPI", so use one of the following methods to designate a point through which the curve must pass (navigate the options by striking the left or right arrow keys):
    • As you move the cursor, a value is displayed on the prompt. Data point at the desired value.

    • Enter a value for the Curve Length then strike the Enter key.

    • Enter a value for the Curve Parameter then strike the Enter key to lock in the value.

    • Enter a value for the Slope then strike the Enter key to lock in the value. The slope can always be locked independently of the length or curve parameter.

    Note: The VPI can be positioned dynamically or with the aid of Civil Accudraw. The heads up prompt can also be used to lock desired slope value from the previous VPI to the current VPI.
  4. On the 3rd and subsequent VPIs, the Length and/or Curve Parameter can be used to control the curve placed at the previous VPI. For example, the length entered at the 3rd VPI prompt is used to define the curve at VPI 2.

Vertical Curve Type

The option for curve type can be changed in the dialog or by pressing Shift key on keyboard. Supported curve types are:

  • Parabola - Symmetric Parabolic Curve

  • Asymmetric - Asymmetric Parabolic Curve

  • Circular - A simple curve defined by radius