OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Dynamic Sections



Open Cross Section View

Using the specified baseline reference to a corridor, or any Civil horizontal geometry, creates a dynamic cross section view in the user-selected MicroStation view. The corridor interval is used for the cross section interval. The specialized view has exaggeration feature, cross section scrolling, and ability to place temporary dimension lines. These sections are not used as a basis for drawn cross sections or sheets.

Locate Station Via Datapoint

Place a data point (in plan view) with this tool to view a dynamic cross section at a station not included on the list.

Edit Station

Edits the cross section instance at a station.

Show Place Dimension

Places display text (width, slope) into the dynamic cross section view, based on two data points. Multiple show place dimension elements can be placed in a single cross section view.

Remove Temporary Dimensions

Removes dimensions in the dynamic cross section view that were placed with the Show Place Dimension tool.