OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Display Rule

Use this dialog to add or edit a template display rule.
Note: Display rules are not applied in transitions. Transitions see only what is displayed at the beginning and end of the transition at the time the transition is created, and use that information to create the transition. Only components that are displayed are included in the transition.


displays the rule name. In edit mode, this field is read only. However, you can rename the rule from the Create Template > Active Template tab.

Note: Display rules can not contain a left or right parenthesis, "(" or ")", or any of the following phrases in the rule name: AND, OR, NOT.


specifies a description for the display rule.


displays the rule type.


specifies the difference between the x values of the point (pt1.x - pt2.x).

Absolute Horizontal

specifies ABS ( pt1.x - pt2.x ).


specifies pt1.y - pt2.y.

Absolute Vertical

specifies ABS ( pt1.y - pt2.y ).


specifies the slope from pt1 to pt2.

Absolute Slope

specifies the absolute value of the slope from pt1 to pt2.

Component is Displayed

list existing components. The rule is evaluated to True if the indicated component is displayed.

Between (1st point)

specifies the first point for the conditional test. Does not apply for type Component is Displayed type.

And (2nd point)

specifies the second point for the conditional test. Does not apply for type Component is Displayed.


specifies the conditional expression (<, <=, =, >=, >).

(Value field)

specifies the value that the expression is evaluated against.