OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Drop Fence Contents

Used to break up the contents in a fence into their components. The elements can then be manipulated individually.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Home > Selection > Fence Tools split button
  • Ribbon: Admin > Home > Selection > Fence Tools split button
  • Toolbox: Fence

Complex If on, complex elements (cell, complex chain, complex shape, text node, surface, or solid) are dropped into their components.
Dimensions If on, dimension element(s) are dropped into lines, line strings, ellipses, arcs, and text.
  • To Geometry — Drops down lines, line strings, ellipses, arcs, and text.
  • To Segment — Drops down individual dimension segments.
Line Strings/Shapes If on, line strings and shapes are converted to series of individual line elements.
Multi-lines If on, multi-line elements are converted to sets of line strings, lines, and/or arcs.
Shared Cells If on, the associated option menu lets you drop shared cells:
  • To Geometry — They are dropped into their components.
  • To Normal Cell — They are converted to unshared cells.
Text If on, text characters in text elements are converted to the individual elements that are used to draw the characters — lines, line strings, arcs, ellipses, and shapes.
Application Elements If on, used to drop light weight geometry.
Fence Mode Sets how the fence contents are determined.
  • Inside
  • Overlap
  • Clip
  • Void
  • Void-Overlap
  • Void-Clip
Note: Drop Fence Contents cannot be used to drop elements more than one level at a time. For example, if you turn on Complex and Line Strings/Shapes and operate on a complex shape that contains two line strings, the complex shape is dropped but the component line strings are not. That is, the operation results in two line strings.