OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Superelevation Report

Creates a superelevation XML report of stations, transitions, cross slopes, and other super data and opens the Bentley Civil Report Browser.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Corridors > Superelevation
  • Ribbon: Home > Model Analysis and Reporting > Corridor Reports
  • Ribbon: Home > Model Analysis and Reporting > Reports
  • Ribbon: Corridors > Review > Corridor Reports
  • Ribbon: Geometry > General Tools > Reports

Superelevation reports can be generated for a single or multiple sections. Reports are displayed in the Civil Report browser.


Best Practice:

To generate a report for multiple sections without having to select each one individually, place them into a selection set (drag your cursor diagonally across all desired sections) prior to selecting the tool. Don't worry if non-superelevation sections are in the selection, the software filters them out, and uses only the super sections.

  1. Select Superelevation Report.

  2. Follow the heads-up prompt, select the superelevation section.

    Continue selection section, then reset when complete. Note if you already have created a selection set, you are prompted to accept the sections in the selection set.

    The Civil Report Browser opens with the default superelevation report.

  3. Follow the heads-up prompts.


    User Action

    Locate First SuperElevation Section

    Select the first section to be included in the report.

    Locate Next Superelevation Section - or Reset to Complete

    Continue selecting sections until all are highlighted, then reset to create the report.

  4. The Civil Report Browser opens with the default superelevation report.