OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Corridor Modeling Workflow

The general workflow for corridor modeling is listed below. Tasks 5-9 can be done in any order and not all tasks are required.

  1. Create Civil horizontal and vertical geometry element(s). This is done outside the corridor modeling tools.

  2. Set the active terrain (existing ground) if the template ties to ground.

  3. Create a corridor based on a Civil horizontal and vertical elements.

  4. Add template drop(s).

  5. Add horizontal and/or vertical controls for particular points (optional).

  6. Define any transitions and connect.

  7. Associate superelevation information.

  8. Review the results and make adjustments as necessary using additional controls, such as end condition exceptions, secondary alignments, parametric constraints, or target aliasing.

  9. Continue the process/review/modify until results are what you want.