OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Civil Analysis

Ribbon: Analysis and Reporting

Civil Analysis

Dynamically review information about a selected 2D or 3D design element, terrain model or mesh.

Review elevation, slope, distance and delta information between two selected points of a terrain model or mesh.

Compute volumes between two models or a model and plane, and optionally place the results in the file at a user-defined location.

Computes and displays the distance and direction between each pair of specified points. Several types are supported: linear, arc, radial, perpendicular and by element.

Dynamically trace a path on a terrain model or mesh surface.

Traces a point downstream to a low point and fills it giving the volume, maximum depth, and maximum elevation. In addition, the pond delineation is graphically displayed.

Report includes component (concrete, topsoil, shoulders, cut and fill volumes) surface area, volumes, units of measure, unit cost, and component and total cost.

Gives the user the capability of viewing 3D models in a more realistic visualization.