OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Corridor Reports

This tool box contains several corridor reports. All reports require selection of a corridor to generate a report in the Civil Report Browser. The default reports (as provided in the installation package) are described below, however, you may select any one of several different reports as the default.

Select in the Toolbox


Component Quantities

Report includes component (i.e., concrete, topsoil, shoulders, cut and fill volumes) surface area, volumes, units of measure, unit cost, and component and total cost. A preview windows displays the information and clicking the report buttons opens it in the Civil Report Browser.

Design Input Report

Opens the Civil Report Browser with the default Roadway Setup Report which includes corridor station range, key stations, template drop information, constraints, point controls, transitions, end condition exceptions, and superelevation section information.

Results Report

Opens the same report as the Design Input Report.

Milling Report

Opens the Civil Report Browser with a report on milling / stripping components.

Superelevation Report

Superelevation reports can be generated for a single or multiple sections. The reports are displayed in the Civil Report browser.