OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Extract Contours

A portion of the STM can be saved to DGN as vector elements.

From the Edit menu of the STM dialog select Extract Contours.

Area Type

Defines the area selection method: Block, Oriented Block, Element, Shape, View

Use Fence

If a fence is active it can be used to define the area.

Use All STM

Use all attached Scalable Terrain Models during processing.

Select points to define the area to be extracted based on the area type. The points must be selected in a top view. Any fence or shape should be in the plane of the top view.

After processing, contours will be written to the default level with the same symbology as that defined in the STM.

The variable STM_ EXTRACTCONTOURS_USESUBRES controls the resolution of the STM that is used. When set to "0", the full resolution is used. When set to "1", a sub resolution is used.