OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Value Equation

Builds the equation by setting direction and multiplier, and selecting the points. As you select horizontal, vertical, or slope difference, and different points, the values displayed in the equation update to reflect your selections.

The following list explains the direction symbols used in the equation.

  • _ (underscore) - horizontal difference

  • | (pipe) - vertical difference

  • / (forward slash) - slope between points

The following statements show examples of the syntax and provide an explanation of the results.

  • =_$(Pt2)-$(Pt1) - evaluates to the horizontal difference between Pt2 and Pt1 (Pt2.x - Pt1.x)

  • =|$(Pt2)-$(Pt1)*0.5 - evaluates to ½ of the vertical difference between Pt2 and Pt1 (Pt2.y - Pt1.y) * 0.5

  • =/$(Pt2)-$(Pt1) - evaluates to the slope between Pt2 and Pt1 (Pt2.y - Pt1.y)/(Pt2.x - Pt1.x)

Slope between points applies only when you select a slope constraint.

A parametric value that begins with a "-" is interpreted as the negative value of the parametric value. For example, if the LaneWidth parametric value is set to 15.0 at a specific station, a constraint with a label of -LaneWidth will be assigned the value of -15.0.

Point names used in equations cannot use "$()" or "%".

Drop and drag of a mirrored constraint with a label results in one label that affects both sides of the template.


  1. Select Horizontal Difference, Vertical Difference, or Slope Between Points from the dropdown list. Slope Between Points is available only when you have selected a slope constraint.
  2. Select first point from the dropdown list or use the Locate button.
  3. Select second point from the dropdown list or use the Locate button.
  4. Enter Multiplier value. Default is 1.
  5. Click OK to execute the command using the selected values.