OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Load File Using Text Import Wizard

Steps for using a wizard to import a file. This workflow assumes that you have already created a wizard that you can use for importing a particular file type.

  1. Choose a file to import (File Name).

  2. Specify the type of data the file contains (Data Type).

  3. Choose a wizard to use for importing the file (Wizard Name).

  4. Click OK to import the file.

Selecting Load > File Using Text Import Wizard displays the Select Dialog menu to specify the file to load.


imports the file using the currently defined wizard.


dismisses the dialog without taking any action. Selections and key-ins you have made are not saved.


moves to the previous step in the wizard.


moves to the next step in the wizard.


displays the Select Text Import Wizard file dialog to open an existing wizard during the wizard creation process. You are prompted to save any changes to the current wizard.


saves an open wizard. If you select the Save button for a wizard that has not been previously saved to the xin, gpk, or mss file, the Save As workflow is followed.

Save As

saves the wizard so that you can use it to import other, similarly formatted files.

Open Text

displays the Select Data Text File dialog

Define Text File Type


displays the Projections Dialog to set projection settings. Select to display the Source dialog. Specify a setting selected from Geographic Libraries of settings. Search is available. Select OK to invoke. Accept on the Projections Dialog.

Record Format


specifies that all records have the same format.


specifies that records have different formats.

Data Type


specifies that characters such as commas separate each field.

Fixed Width

specifies that fields are aligned in columns.

Start Row

specifies the row at which to begin reading data when importing the file. The default row is 1.