OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Importing "Classic" ASCII Files

To import ASCII files, select Classic File as the Wizard Name on the Text Import Wizard. The data types supported by the Classic File import are:

  • Horizontal Alignment

  • Horizontal Event Points

  • Vertical Alignment

  • Vertical Event Points

  • Cogo Points

This functionality is not available for Surface data or Horizontal Regression Points.

When you import a horizontal alignment, the alignment is added to the active geometry project. An imported vertical alignment is added to the active horizontal alignment. Cogo points and both horizontal and vertical event points are imported into the active point buffer. Refer to the documentation for File > Import > Geometry for more information.

The following steps describe the procedure for importing a "classic" geometry file.

Choose the File > Text Import Wizard command, which displays the Text Import Wizard dialog.

With Wizard Name set to Classic File, specify the appropriate Data Type and the name of the file you want to import.

Click OK.

If you are importing either a horizontal or a vertical alignment, the Geometry Options dialog opens. Otherwise the Text Import Wizard imports the file.

If the Geometry Options dialog opens (it will appear if you are importing an alignment), specify the Name, Description, and Style of the new alignment, and click OK.

The Text Import Wizard imports the file.