OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Create Civil Horizontal and Vertical Geometry Elements

In order to create a corridor, a minimum of one horizontal and one vertical Civil geometry element is required. These are created with the geometry tools prior to corridor creation. When creating the corridor, the software prompts for the baseline reference (horizontal) element. If the selected element has an active profile, only a reset is needed to continue. Otherwise, you can select any profile associated with a the already selected horizontal element. Even though the Civil elements are used to create the corridor, geometric design work may continue. The Civil geometry elements can be edited, lengthened, shortened, etc., updating the corridor with the changes. If the Civil geometry elements are deleted, the corridor upon which it is based is also deleted, with no warning given when the geometry and the corridor are in the same file. Deleting a corridor's geometry when in a federated workflow does not automatically remove the corridor.