OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Transform dialog options




Select a transform.

Choose Foot to Meter, Foot to USFoot, Meter to Foot, Meter to USFoot, USFoot to Foot, or USFoot to Meter.

Browse Transforms

Reset All Transforms

Enable to translate elements.

Choose one or more Enable to rotate elements, Enable to scale elements, or Apply transforms to Z or elevation values.


Choose Cursor Point, Angle, Active Angle, Directions.

Select 4 points to set angle rotation and scale.


Choose Scale or Active Scale.

Select 4 points to set scale value.

Apply Transforms to Z or Elevation Values

Translate Select translate option.

Choose Cursor Point, Deltas, or Points.

Active if Enable to translate elements is enabled.


Choose Zero Origin, Accept Point, Fixed Point, Zero Origin, Element Center.


Enable to make a copy.

Save Transform

Duplicate Transform

Delete Transform