OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition


Used to draw a circle.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Geometry > Horizontal > Arcs split button

Use the Circle tool to draw a circle.

  1. Open the Civil Tools task pane to the Horizontal Geometry section then click the Circle icon.

    • The Circle dialog opens.

    • Checking the box next to the Radius Value field locks in the associated value.

  2. When you move the cursor into the View, it is accompanied by a command prompt that says, "Enter Center Point", so data point, example, left-click on the location that will serve as the center of the circle.

  3. The cursor is now equipped with a prompt that says, "Enter Through Point", so perform one of the following:

    • On the Circle dialog, enter a Radius Value, check the box, and data point in the View; thus, a circle with radius rule is created.

    • In the View, move the pointer to the desired distance from the center point then data point, thus a circle with pass-thru point rule is created.


  • A center move point manipulator is available

  • A radius text manipulator

  • A pass-thru point drag handle


To View the new element's properties, equip the Element Selection tool.

Left-click on the circle in the View then let the cursor hover over the selected element. Click the Properties icon to access rule data for the chosen element.