OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition




Element Selection

Select and deselect elements on a per element basis, by defining an area, or by drawing a line that intersects them.

Select All

Select all elements in the design.

Select None

Deselect all elements in the design.

Fence Tools

  • Place Fence
  • Modify Fence
  • Manipulate Fence Contents
  • Delete Fence Contents
  • Drop Fence Contents
  • Save Fence to File
  • Named Boundary

Place Fence - Used to place a fence.

Modify Fence - Used to move a fence or modify one of its vertices.

Manipulate Fence Contents - Used to move, copy, rotate, mirror, scale, or stretch fence contents, which are defined by a fence and (except for stretching) the Fence (Selection) Mode.

Delete Fence Contents - Used to delete the fence contents.

Drop Fence Contents - Used to break up the contents in a fence into their components.

Save Fence to File - Used to copy or move the contents of the active fence to a new DGN or DWG file.

Named Boundary - Manage named boundaries and boundary groups using the Named Boundary dialog.

Note: For more in-depth information on Fence Tools, see MicroStation Help.