OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition





Adds a superelevation sections (generally one per curve set) for the specified station range on the baseline reference.

Creates color-filled lanes based on width and offsets from the baseline reference, as a precursor to superelevation calculations.

This is an alternate way to create superelevation lanes by using the widths and cross slopes of a specified template along with parameters specified in the Superelevation Rules File.


Calculate Superelevation - Calculates station and superelevation transitions rates based on a rules file. The values are augmented to the superelevation lanes, and edit manipulators are created, and the color fill is recolored, based on the cross slopes.

Edit Superelevation Rule File - Edits the XML- formatted superelevation rules file.

Import Superelevation - Imports superelevation values via a CSV file.

assign Superelevation to Corridor - Associates superelevation with a corridor, so the pavement reflects the superelevation stations / cross slopes, rather than the pavement cross slope defaults in the template.

Insert Superelevation Station/Cross Slope

Insert an individual station / superelevation transition (cross-slope) into a previously created and calculated superelevation lane.

Superelevation Editor

Opens the superelevation editor.

Superelevation Report

Creates a superelevation XML report and opens the Bentley Civil Report Browser.

Open Superelevation View

Opens the editable superelevation diagram in a MicroStation view.