OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition

Define Transitions and Connect

In a project with multiple templates, there is normally not an instantaneous change from one template to another. A tool or procedure is needed to define how to adjust from one template to the next; the Create Transition tool is used to create a transition between templates of different names.

The input fields for the Create Transition tool are very basic: select the two templates that require a transition between them. Once the transition is created, it needs to be edited to define how to adjust from one template to the other.

Transition Editing

Editing a transition is a two-step process. The first step is to connect the backbone points of the first template to the backbone points of the second template, as desired. Note that end conditions are not shown, as they are handled through end condition exceptions.

A connection is created by clicking on an unconnected point on one template then moving the mouse to a point on the other template; then, clicking again. The connection line will be shown dynamically.

Once the points have been connected as desired, the software attempts to create the components for the transition. The results of this "best guess" are displayed. You can adjust as needed, until the desired results are achieved.