OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition

To Publish a Model

  1. Set the views.
  2. Select the 3D Drive Through tool.
  3. Follow the heads-up prompts to select the view and center line.
  4. Click Run to drive through the model. Pause at any time, if desired.
  5. Select the Advanced Controls tab.
  6. Click Publish.
  7. In the CameraScript tool settings, enter the Name (required) and Description (optional).
  8. Click OK. A message displays in the Message Center, “3D Drive Through: Keyframe animation model created.”
  9. Select the MicroStation Animation Producer tool from the MS Animation task navigation. Note: Your focus must be in a 3D view for access to the tool. The dialog loads the current Camera Script file. Therefore, you may need to open the new script file created by the 3D Drive Through tool. Scripts can be saved in a variety of formats by using the File > Record Script tool in the Animation Producer dialog.