OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition

Add Corridor References

Used to add graphical elements to the corridor processing.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Corridors > Miscellaneous > Corridor References split button

The Add Corridor Reference tool adds graphical elements to the corridor processing. This must be done even if the feature is targeted in the template, otherwise the elements will not process. It enables only those elements associated with a particular corridor to be processed, rather than all elements of a particular feature definition. This speeds up processing, and eliminates processing of unwanted elements of the same feature definition. The elements can be selected within the tool, or a selection set can be created prior to commencing the tool. This tool also enables visibility within the Target Alias tool.


  1. Select the Add Corridor Reference tool.
  2. Select the Corridor.
  3. Select the First Reference Element - select the graphical element to be added as a reference.
  4. Continue selecting until all elements are referenced, then reset to exit tool.