OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition

Managing Corridor Data

Several tools can be used to help manage the corridor model data. Depending on the tool selected, the data may be read-only or may be manipulated. These include:

  • Element Info

  • Properties

  • Corridor Objects - view and manage all the input objects in the corridor in one location

  • Project Explorer - see all corridor information in one place

  • Design Stages


Properties displays data reflecting the selected element. For example, the data displayed when a corridor is selected is different than when a template drop is selected.

The Properties tool is accessed via right-click on the context sensitive menus.

When a corridor is selected, the display shows names and design stages.

Corridor Objects

Allows you to view and manage all the input objects in the corridor in one location.


The Explorer is another location where corridor model data is organized and displayed. As the design progresses, the information is continually created / updated automatically. The information is located under the Civil Model tab.

Each corridor (and associated data) is listed separately. As the tree is navigated, additional data is exposed. In addition, right-click context sensitive menus are available for common tasks and information.