OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition

Modify Phase

The Modify section of the Site Layout tab contains the Modify Phase tool to change the design phase of objects from conceptual to Preliminary or Final design. This feature allows you to work with concepts that can be quickly changed and updated. Then, when you are ready, change these conceptual objects into final design objects that can be used by other design products.

Using the Modify Phase Tool

  1. Select the Modify Phase icon from the Modify section of the Site Layout tab.
  2. Datapoint (left click) to select objects to modify.
  3. Reset (right click) when finished.
  4. Datapoint (left click) to accept Phase or select the Phase Value from the dropdown in the Change Phase dialog.
  5. If site grading is current, conversion begins. If not, you have an opportunity to grade the site or convert objects without grading (flat site).