OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition

Curve Widening Workflow

  1. Select the Curve Widening tool.

  2. Locate Corridor - defined dynamically.

  3. Select Start Station - can be defined dynamically or by keying in the value.

  4. Select End Station - can be defined dynamically or by keying in the value.

    Any curve that has its entire length inside the station range has widening applied to it.

  5. Enter Description - optional description used in Corridor Objects Project Explorer and reports.

  6. Enter Point - identifies the point to which the widening is applied. Select the point from the point list of available template points.

  7. Enter Percent Transition on Tangent - specifies how much of the curve transition will be on the straight section (tangent) prior to and after the widened curve.

  8. Toggle Yes / No to use Spiral Length for Transition - when set to yes, and the curve has a spiral component, then the spiral length is used to determine the start and stop locations for the transition. The % Transition on Tangent, and the transition length read from the table is ignored. If set to no, the table is utilized.

  9. Select Overlap Method - Applies only when the end transition control from one curve overlaps the beginning transition control of the next curve.

    Shorten Transition Lengths - specifies the overlapping transition lengths are shortened by an equal amount so that they do not overlap.

    Shift Maximum Widening Points onto Curves - specifies the transition lengths are maintained; however, the entire transition is shifted so that more of it is on the curve. The overlapping transitions are shifted by an equal amount.

  10. Define Priority - determines the order of controls on a point. This value only applies when there are conflicting controls on a point. Where there is a conflict, the control with the lower priority is applied (that is, lower numbers are applied first).

  11. Select Widening Table (*.wid) file - the location of the ASCII table which contains widening information.

The curve widening is applied and the corridor is reprocessed. The results can be seen in the corridor graphics, Project Explorer, and Corridor Objects dialog.