OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition

Civil Analysis

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Analyze Point

Reports information about a user-specified point location in a TM (elevation, slope, contour, slope direction).

Analyze Between Points

Reports information between 2 point locations on a TM (elevation difference, length and slope).

Analyze Volume

Calculates volume between 2 TMs or a TM and plane (elevation). Capable of processing in an area (fence) or multiple areas and computing the volumes over a range of elevations. Cut and fill factors are also options.

Inverse Points

Computes and displays the distance and direction between each pair of specified points.

Analyze Trace Slope

Traces along a surface either following a user-specified slope value or the steepest slope. Can trace upstream or downstream.

Analyze Pond

Analyzes terrain model for ponds (low point) located via a data point location on a TM (volume, area max depth).

Element Component Quantities

Reporting tool that reports single or multiple Civil Cells and or Corridors to create component quantity summary.

Create Cut Fill Volumes

Quantities Report by Named Boundary

Mass Haul Diagram

End Area Volumes Report

Cross Section Report

3D Drive Through

Produces a quick drive through visualization along an alignment.