OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition


Contours can be enabled and values set for contour interval using the Element Information as shown below. Select the top level contour option to set interval and other settings. Select the individual items for major and minor contours. The display of the nodes will be dimmed if contour display is not enabled.



Max Slope Option


Ignore max slopes: enables filtering of contours based on max slope value

Max Slope Value

A decimal value indicating the maximum slope to be displayed. Prevents very dense contour lines in very steep areas

Contour Label Precision

Number of decimal places

Smoothing Factor

1 – 10 representing a smoothing factor. 10 is smoothest. Works only when a smoothing option is selected below.



Spline: smoother contours

Spline without overlap: smooth and unlikely to overlap. Processing is slower.


Major Interval

Distance in master units between major intervals

Minor Interval

Distance in master units between minor intervals