OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition

Overview of Point Clouds

The MicroStation Point Clouds tools allow you to import, control, visualize and manipulate point cloud images. You can import a point cloud into a DGN and use it as a visual reference. The Point Cloud dialog (File > Point Clouds), along with the Point Cloud toolbox (Tools > Point Cloud), lets you control all aspects of attaching and manipulating point cloud image files. A point cloud is treated as any standard element and can be part of a model or level.

The Point Clouds dialog lets you control the display of one or more image files within a DGN file view. Each view may be used to display image files. The names of all attached image files (for all views) are displayed in the Point Clouds dialog. Information about the image files is stored with the DGN file. The Element Information dialog displays information relating to the point cloud. The Point Cloud Presentation section of the View Attributes dialog controls the style of the point cloud.

Many point cloud file formats are supported, such as POD, BIN, CL3, FLS, FWS, LAS, PTG, PTS, PTX, 3DD, RXP, RSP, XYZ, IXF, E57, and TXT. However, only POD files can be attached to a design file since it is the only point cloud format that can be natively used by the point cloud engine. This engine is a library developed by Pointools. The POD format allows you to work with huge point clouds at an unmatched performance. For all other formats, the file must be converted to the POD format.

You can open multiple point cloud files simultaneously. Also, you can batch convert multiple point clouds files either to one POD file or to individual POD files.

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