OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition


  1. Create a TIW file that is configured for your ASCII data format. Refer to Terrain Modeling for details.

    This TIW file must be copied to the folder that stores the TIW files. Typically (on a 32-bit operating system) the folder is:

    ...\Program Files\Common Files\Bentley Shared\Civil Platform\08.11.07\Data

  2. Activate Civil Survey. Navigate Project Explorer > Civil Standards tab then navigate to Project Settings > Survey > Settings.

  3. Right-click and select Properties.

  4. Navigate to Data Parsing > Data Import Items.

  5. Use the Browse button to open the Data Import Items dialog.

  6. Add a new item (use the Add button).

  7. Populate the fields:

    Use: True

    Vendor: <use your Vendor name>

    Title: <use your own Title here>

    Filter: <use your own file filter here>, example, *.txt

    FileTypeIn:  Neutral

    Executable Path:  <leave blank>

    Executable:  survey.exe

    FormatFile:  <your TIW file>, example *.tiw

  8. Accept the new row.