OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition

Project Profile to Element

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You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Geometry > Vertical > Profile Creation split button

Use the Project Profile to Element tool to show one element's profile in the Profile View of another element.

Note: Your workspace must include both a Plan View and a Open Profile Model to employ this tool.
  1. With a profile visible in a Profile View, select the Project Profile to Element icon.
  2. When you move the cursor into the Profile View, it is equipped with a command prompt requesting that you "Select Element to Project", move the cursor to the existing profile.
  3. When prompted to "Select Plan Element to Project Onto", move the cursor into the Plan View and data point on a horizontal geometry element that will serve as the target of the projection.
    Note: The source profile is now shown in the profile space of the target element.
  4. To view the new profile of the element, click the Open Profile Model icon.
  5. Move the cursor into the Plan View and note that it is accompanied by a prompt that says, "Locate Plan Element". Data point on the newly profiled element.
  6. The cursor is now equipped with a prompt that says, "Select or Open View", so move the cursor into the Profile View and data point.


To View the new element's properties, equip the Element Selection tool.

Select the elevated element in the Profile View then let the cursor hover over it. Click the Properties icon to access rule data for the chosen element.