OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition

To Drive Through a Model

  1. Set the views.
  2. Select the 3D Drive Through tool.
  3. Follow the heads-up prompts.

    Heads-Up Prompt

    User Response

    Select a 3D View

    Data point in the view to be used for the actual drive through. A message is displayed if a 2D view is selected.

    Select center line of the road

    Select a MS 3d element or a Civil horizontal geometry element (which must have an active profile)

  4. Set the General Controls (speed and step).
  5. (Optional at any time during the session) Adjust the Camera / Target Controls.
  6. (Optional at any time during the session) Set the Advanced Controls.
  7. Click Run to start the drive through. If the centerline element is outside the area of 3D models, click Pause, then key in a station near the area of interest.
  8. Using the navigation tools in the General Controls tab, move throughout the 3D models.