OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition

Create Cant Dialog Options

Start Station

Start station of the cant alignment.

End Station

End station of the cant alignment.

Speed Scheme

Speed scheme to be used in the calculation. Speed schemas are created using Speed Table command.

Rail Gauge

Center to center distance between rails. This value is used for calculation of Equilibrium Constant.

Equilibrium Constant

Constant used for calculating equilibrium cant values. This is a read only field and calculated using rail gauge value.

Applied Constant

Constant used for calculating applied cant values.

Rotate About

Specifies the rotation point for the cant. Select Inside Rail, Center, Outside Rail, Left Rail, or Right Rail.

Virtual Transition Length

Specifies the length over which to apply cant transitions when a transition spiral is not present. When this value is zero, only a single station is added indicating the applied cant at the start of the curve.

Percent on Linear

Applies to what percentage of the Virtual Transition Length is placed on to the linear element. This value is typically 50%, which means that half of the virtual transition length is on the linear and half is on the circular.