OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition

Corridor Creation

The first toolbox is used when beginning design on a corridor and includes tools for creating corridors, template drops, transitions; along with various tools for working with the template library.

Select in the Toolbox


New Corridor

Creates a corridor by defining a corridor name, identifying the baseline reference and profile, and specifying a design stage. After creating a corridor, the software advances automatically to the Create Template Drop tool.

New Template Drop

Creates a template drop for the roadway design based on station limits and template selected from the current template library.

Create Transition

Creates a transition between two template drops, based on the selection of the two previously created template drops.

Edit Transition

Modifies the previously created transition between two template drops.

Copy Template Drop

As an alternate to creating and modifying a template drop, this tool copies an existing template drop to a newly defined station range along the same baseline reference.

Create Template

Opens the current template library to add a new template, delete or modify an existing template.

Display Template

Draws the selected template from the current template library at the user-defined data point in the drawing file using the active MicroStation symbology. All end conditions are drawn and there is no annotation. The drawing is useful as a starting point for documentation of the template library.