OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition

Extract Raster Grid

A portion of the STM can be extracted to a raster grid format. This format can be displayed with the Raster Manager tool Attach Raster Grid.

From the Edit menu of the STM dialog select Extract Raster Grid.

Area Type

Defines the area selection method: Block, Oriented Block, Element, Shape, View

Use Fence

If a fence is active it can be used to define the area.

Use All STM

Use all attached Scalable Terrain Models during processing.

Pixel Size

The pixel size for the output raster file. The measure tool can be used to select the pixel size directly from the view.

Select points to define the area to be extracted based on the area type. The points must be selected in a top view. Any fence or shape should be in the plane of the top view.

The number of points selected will be calculated and a message displayed if the area is too large. In that case select a smaller area.

A dialog is displayed with the raster grid file option.

File Type

Defines the output file format. Supported types are: Erdas IMG, GeoTIFF, Internet TIFF, Internet TIFF 64, TIF (Tag Image File)

Color Mode

The color modes are: Integer - 16 bit and Floating Point - 32 bit.

Compression Mode

File compression if supported by the selected file type.

Selecting OK will prompt for a saved file location.


The variable STM_ EXTRACTGRID_USESUBRES controls the resolution of the STM that is used. When set to "0", the full resolution is used. When set to "1", a sub resolution is used.