OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition

Saving a Wizard

You can save a wizard by clicking the Save As button that appears on various dialogs in the Text Import Wizard. However, the Text Import Wizard will not allow you to save a wizard unless the wizard contains at least one fully defined filter.

For example, assume that you are creating a wizard for importing a file containing horizontal alignment data. The Text Import Wizard will not allow to you save this particular wizard until you specify, on the Step 3 dialog, at least the northing and the easting data columns (see the section called Columns Required for Import for details on which columns are required for each of the various data types). If you try to save a wizard before fulfilling the minimum requirements for a filter, the software will display a error message that attempts to describe specifically what requirements the wizard is failing to meet.

Once you have defined at least one filter, you can save the wizard, even if you are in the process of defining an additional filter. (Recall that wizards for importing non-uniform files can comprise more than one filter.)

Wizards are saved in an XML file. After a wizard is saved, it will be available the next time Text Import Wizard command is invoked.