OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition

Ribbon Interface

A ribbon interface is composed of the following:

  1. File Tab - opens the Backstage view where you can perform different operations such as managing your file and its settings, importing and exporting files, accessing help, and so on.
  2. Quick Access Toolbar - contains option to select the workflow and other frequently used commands.
  3. Other tabs - contains one or more groups.
  4. Group - a labeled set of closely related commands or tools.
  5. Ribbon Search - enter words or phrases to search for in the ribbon.
  6. Sign in glyph - Displays when you are signed in as a CONNECTED user.
  7. Minimize - Minimize the ribbon by clicking .
  8. Help - Access MicroStation help from the ribbon by clicking .

Tip: To quickly return from Backstage view to your view window, click the Home tab, or press <Esc>.

Note: Though the toolboxes are not displayed in the ribbon interface, you can open them from Tool Boxes dialog accessible from File > Settings > User > Tool Boxes.

You may also refer to the LEARNServer course The Ribbon: The New Face of the MicroStation CONNECT Edition.