OpenRail DesignerCONNECT Edition

Turnout Report

You can access this tool from the following:

Ribbon: OpenRail Modeling > Rail > Turnout.

Select Turnout Report.

Follow the heads-up prompts.


User Action

Locate the turnout.

Select the turnout to include in the report.

Reset to complete.

Datapoint then reset to complete the selection to display the Turnout Report.

The Turnout Report displays in the Bentley Civil Report Browser.

Select ShuntLimits.xsl to display Shunt Limits report.

Select TurnoutBranch.xsl to display Turnout Branch report.

Select TurnoutElevationsandCant.xsl to display Turnout Elevations and Cant report.

Select TurnoutParent.xsl to display Turnout Parent report.

Select TurnoutPoints.xsl to display Turnout Points report.

Select Turnouts.xsl to display Turnouts report.