OpenRail DesignerCONNECT Edition

Extend Turnout by Curve

You can access this dialog from the following:

  • Ribbon: OpenRail Modeling > Rail > Turnouts.

The Extend Turnout by Curve dialog displays.


User Action

Select a turnout or crossing.

Datapoint to specify the turnout or crossing element.

Thru point or radius.

A dynamic image displays in the active view. Datapoint to specify the thru point or radius or specify a radius value in the Extend Turnout by Curve dialog.

Arc Length

Datapoint to specify Arc Length.

Arc Sweep Angle

Datapoint to specify the angle of the Arc Sweep.

End Tangent Direction

Datapoint to specify the end direction of the arc.

Enter end point.

Datapoint to specify the end distance.

Select a turnout or crossing element.

Specify the thru point or radius.

Specify the end point.

This adds a separate ruled Element from the Turnout which can be complexed as an alignment to include the turnout geometry.

For more information, see: Arc From Element