OpenPlant CONNECT Edition Readme

Known Issues

Known issues of OpenPlant Project Administrator CONNECT Edition Update 9.

Description Resolution
Specgen and Catalog Manager only support Microsoft Office 64-bit versions. If Microsoft Office is not installed, then a 64-bit driver gets installed by Project Administrator to make sure Specgen is working. If you have an Office 32-bit version installed, then Specgen will not work.
The collaborated (managed) WorkSet might not appear in the OpenPlant Project Administrator interface immediately after it is created. To refresh the WorkSet list, the user can either click on the recycle bin icon in OpenPlant Project Administrator, or relaunch the application.
Setup a WorkSet with an iTwin is only supported in a Windows 10 environment. N/A
ProjectWise users must have read/write rights for a WorkArea to collaborate WorkSets. N/A
OpenPlant Project Administrator Configuration Settings Blocks (CSB) cannot be used for multiple WorkSets residing in different folders for Managed WorkSets. N/A
WorkSpace/WorkSet nodes sometimes are not getting refreshed in real time after creating them either locally or in a managed workspace. Minimize the OpenPlant Project Administrator interface then restore to refresh the nodes.
The Collaborate option is not supported for a V8i imported WorkSet. N/A
ProjectWise features are not available unless you have both ProjectWise Administrator and Client installed. Make sure both ProjectWise Administrator and Client are installed.
OpenPlant Project Administrator cannot enable an already collaborated WorkSet for additional OpenPlant applications. For example, if a collaborated WorkSet has already been enabled for OPPID, then it cannot be enabled for OpenPlant Modeler using the Enable wizard. N/A
When working with a V8i WorkSpace with multiple Worksets, if the schema for one WorkSet is upgraded, it would render the other WorkSets in the V8i WorkSpace unusable. N/A
Adding Plant Sight Property to Engineering Supports would cause the iTwin Upgrade and Setup to fail. N/A