OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Unit Converter

The Unit Converter option displays the following Unit Conversion Utility dialog letting you convert a catalog or spec from one unit to another. The unit conversion process converts a copy of the existing spec/catalog and saves it to an specified Output directory while leaving the source spec/catalog untouched and still available in its original unit configuration.

Source Unit The Source Unit is the unit you want to convert. Select from either Imperial, Metric, or Mixed Metric from the list.
Target Unit The Target Unit is the unit you want to convert the Source Unit to. Once the Source Unit has been selected, you have the option to choose from either of the two remaining unit options.
Precision Select the level of precision to use when converting the units.
OK Click to continue with the conversion process.
Cancel Closes the dialog without implementing the changes.
Once you have determined the Source and Target units, click OK to display the following dialog:

In this dialog you will define the spec/catalog to be converted and an output directory to store the resulting converted spec/catalog.

Select Source The Select Source pane lists the files to be converted.

This option provides two options:

Select Files: Displays a windows file selection dialog letting you select individual files to convert.

Select Directory: Displays a Windows dialog allowing you to select a complete directory to convert.

Remove Removes the selected entry in the Select Select Source pane.
Clear Clears all of the specs/catalogs listed in the Source pane.
Output Directory Enter the Output directory where the converted spec/catalog will be located, or click the Browse button and use the Browse for Folder dialog to locate the directory.
Repair SysIDs Click to Repair or Renew the SYS_IDs of catalog records during the conversion process.
Convert Starts the conversion process.
Close Closes the dialog and cancels the Unit Conversion process.
Conversion Info

The bottom section display information about the conversion. As the files are selected and process, there are added to this section.

When the conversion process is complete, the source file as well as the target file are displayed with the conversion Status: