OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Section Manager

The Section Manager icon, available from the Tools tab of the ribbon, displays a control allowing you to manage the display of the different sections in the OpenPlant Specification Generatorinterface.
Spec Header Toggles the display of the spec header, if one has been created.
Spec Filter Toggles the display of the spec filter, if one has been created.
Sections List Displays a list of all of the spec sections defined for the active specification.
Up/Down Moves the selected spec section up or down in the order of display.
Show/Hide Toggles the display of the selected spec section.
Add Click to add a new section to the spec using the Add New Section dialog.
Remove Section Removes the spec section from the spec. Removed sections cannot be retrieved. You will need to re-create the section if it has been removed.
Rename Section

Lets you rename the selected section using the following dialog.

Enter a new name into the field and click OK to save.

To close the OpenPlant Specification Generator, just click anywhere outside of the manager interface.