OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Lookup Table Editor

The Lookup Table Editor, available as a toolbar selection, displays the dialog shown below. The OpenPlant Specification Generatorrefers to its lookup tables when displaying selection lists. Since some record fields can only be filled with pre-defined types of information (or with a set of preferred inputs), the program presents these options to the user inside a list. When the user places the cursor inside a cell for editing, a selection list is displayed if there is one available. The user may then select an option from the list to populate the field with that value. The codes which get transferred into a field, along with the description that appears in the selection list, can be modified by the user from the Lookup Editor. You can also select which fields display selection lists.

The Lookup Table Editor allows you to define new, or edit existing, lookup tables which can later be used in the customization of existing user fields. Specgen is shipped with some default lookup tables which can be modified as per requirement. The lookup tables are stored separately at %Local_Install%\\OpenPlant CONNECT Edition\Configuration\Workspaces\WorkSpace\WorkSets\OpenPlantImperial\Standards\SpecGen\Mappings.

Lookup Tables

The left pane in the dialog lists the available lookup tables in database. There are three options which apply to the Lookup Tables pane:
Note: You are able to add/remove tables but cannot modify the name of an existing one.
Add Lookup Table This option adds a new entry at the bottom of the list which user can edit to give a unique name to the table. If the name is a duplicate of an existing table, a message box displays prompting you to enter a different name for the table.
Delete Lookup Table This option deletes the selected table from the database. A message box displays prompting you to confirm the deletion before the process is completed.
Note: Any custom changes that may have been made to the lookup table will be lost upon deletion.
Import Lookup Table

This option will first prompt you with a file selection dialog to select a spec database file from which to import the lookup table(s) from. Select the database file to open and t he following dialog displays:

Select the tables you want to import, and click OK to import the tables. The tables are added to the Table Name list.
Note: To import all of the tables, enable the Select All option.

Values of Components

The right pane of the editor allows you to add, remove or edit values for the selected lookup table.

Add Lookup Value

Clicking this option would add a new entry at the bottom of the list which user can edit to give a unique Code and Description for the new value. If the name conflicts with existing tables, user will be promoted with a message box to change it to a unique name.

Delete Lookup Value

Clicking this option would delete the selected lookup value without asking for confirmation. The changes cannot be undone and the value would be permanently deleted from database table.

Paste Excel Data

Using this option user can copy Code and Description values from an excel sheet and paste them as the values of selected table. The copied data in valid, it will create new values at the bottom of the list.

The Copied data should adhere to the format (nx2) i.e. 2 columns and any number of rows. The values in the first column should be unique as they will be pasted as the Code of the Value and second column as the description.

If the copied selection contains duplicate values for codes, or codes already defined in the table, then a message box displays alerting you to this and the process is aborted.

Editing Existing Values

You can edit any Code/Description by double clicking on it and entering a new value.

Note: Remember the Code value must be unique.