OpenPlant Project Administrator Help

Define Custom Fields

This option lets you to create custom definitions for description fields which will apply to the entire specification.
Note: The customization of other description fields can also be done at the Section and Row level as well. The fields customized at the Spec level are inherited at Section and Row levels and they can also be overridden at these levels.

Before customizing a field, you must first have a valid spec/catalog loaded in OpenPlant Specification Generator and have at least one spec section defined.

Customizing fields can be done either of the following ways:

  • Define a custom description in the Description Fields tab.
  • Associated the field to a lookup table in the Lookup Fields tab.
  • Create a new field in the User Field tab for which you can define a description using either method.

Identify Description Field

The first step towards generating descriptions is identifying the description fields. When the Define Custom Fields command is executed, click the Add Description button from the Description Fields tab displays to add a new placeholder for the field.
Note: Only fields that have "String" type values are available for customization.

Select a description field from the drop down list as shown:

To define a value for the description field, right-click in the Value field to display the Description Builder shown:

The custom description is shown in the Definition text area at the bottom of the builder as it is created. To add a field to the definition, double-click on the field from the list to display it in the bottom pane. All field names are enclosed by the "<< >>" symbols and you can add as many fields as you want.

Static text can be entered directly into the Definition area but must be enclosed in brackets, [X], for the text to display. Static text can be used to add separators between field values if desired such as displayed above. (<<MAIN_SIZE>> [X] <<RUN_SIZE>>)

To remove a field from the definition, click within the field name in the Definition area and click Delete on your keyboard.